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How to choose the right area rugs

Their stature is small, but they're also powerhouses when it comes to aesthetics and function. There are things you should think about even before visiting any area rug retailer.Think of the floor as your canvas, the rug as the art. They also serve a lot of purposes, from adding cushioning for easier standing and walking; absorbing noise; catching stains and spills; and highlighting and accenting.

Britt's Carpet Outlet has a fully stocked flooring store, with 250 standard rugs that will adapt to any area, from the living room to the hallway. We know that you may also have unique needs or style, so we also have a large custom department.

Of course, you might want to express your style by selecting remnants and having our carpet binding department finish the creation for you. We've been in business for over 40 years, with 16 of those granting us the News-Press' "Best of SW Florida." award. We're full-service, meaning that, besides rug binding, we're also installation specialists.

Our showrooms are located in Ft. Myers and Cape Coral and we service Cape Coral, North Fort Myers, Pine Island, Punta Gorda, Lehigh Acres, Estero and Bonita Springs, FL

Examine your lifestyle

Any retailer will (or should) tell you to ask yourself: How do you plan to use it? What is your style? Do you want a high or low pile? Do you have measurements or photos to show the retailer?
United Weavers area rugs at Britt's Carpet Outlet
We offer United Weavers area rugs at Britt's Carpet Outlet
Stylish area rugs in Estero, FL from Britt's Carpet Outlet

Other considerations

  • Size. Probably the biggest mistake people make is to purchase rugs that are too small. They should be large enough to cover the area under a table or chairs with about 12 to 18 inches sticking out on the floor.

    If it can't be placed entirely under the piece of furniture, at a minimum, it should be anchored by the two front legs of each piece. Beds are more difficult, we know, so the solution is simple: place runners on each side.

  • Style. An almost never-ending variety of colors and patterns means there should be plenty of rugs in the store. When there's a large inventory you have a large selection of merchandise to suit any area or decor.

  • Maintenance. Low pile rugs are relatively easy to care for, but the high piles like a shag requires a lot of cleaning and combing, so it's important to consider how you feel about cleaning.