Terms and Conditions


What to expect when you're expecting floorcovering

  • The installers arrive at Britt’s to load their materials between 8:30AM-9:30AM on the day of your installation. During that time they will call you to let you know their approximate time of arrival.
  • Please have your phone accessible on the day of installation. If you miss a phone call from the installer it could delay your installation.
  • In order for our installers to finish your installation in a timely manner we ask that prior to installers arriving you completely remove all nick knacks, breakables, and small items from all rooms that will be getting new floor covering. This includes lamps, picture frames, bed clothes, pillows, anything on your closet floor, low hanging items, and any other small items that you can physically move. Failure to do so may result in additional charges and/or postponement of your installation.

Helpful Tip: In some cases you can use a dry tub or shower, kitchen counters, bathroom counters, outside/inside storage areas, patios, garages, etc. to store small items while your installation is being done.

  • Britt’s installers do not hook up computers, TV’s, cable/satellite boxes and other electronics. Please unhook all these items prior to the installers arriving.

Helpful Tip: If you decide to not hire a professional to reinstall your electronics we suggest labeling your wires before you unhook them so you will know where they go once the installers are finished.

  • If we are installing in a closet please remove everything from the closet floor and any items hanging below waist level.
  • If you have shelving in the closet and the brace(s) for the shelf touches the floor, then everything on that shelf will need to be removed prior to the installers arriving.
  • Britt’s does not move grandfather clocks, aquariums, mechanical beds, water beds, billiard tables, grand pianos, furniture with breakable items in/on it, or any other item that is not basic furniture.
  • Britt’s will move some upright pianos for an additional charge but will not take responsibility for any damage or tuning needed after it is moved.
  • In most cases Britt’s cannot determine if a floor will need additional prep work until the existing floorcovering is removed. Charges could apply for any unforeseen floor prep that is needed. Customers have the option of using their own contractor for unforeseen repairs.
  • Britt’s will install your floorcovering using manufacturer recommended and common installation methods we see best suited for your situation. If you have any special requests regarding your floor covering installation such as specific seam placement, grain running, side to side, front to back, etc. Please bring this to the attention of your salesperson at the time of ordering. Also, please point out the specifications to the installer at the time of installation as well.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to make Britt’s aware of all specifications required by your Homeowner Association prior to placing your order. Britt’s will not be held responsible if the proper material or labor is not purchased by the customer prior to installation.
  • Britt’s does its best to estimate how much material is needed for your installation and that you have enough material left over for future repairs (if needed). Britt’s does not accept returns of left over material.
  • Installation warranty is 1 calendar year from the date of installation. Warranty is void if the balance is not paid in full.
  • Additional charges apply to move refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, dryers, other appliances, and toilets.
  • Britt’s estimates as accurately as possible prior to taking a deposit for an order. After measuring, the total price of your order may go up or down depending on all the materials and labor needed to actually complete your job.
  • Some plumbing regarding toilets and ice maker water lines can be old and may need repairs after your installation or in order to finish your installation. Britt’s Carpet Outlet is not responsible for any plumbing repairs that may be needed for toilets and ice maker water lines after removal and/or installation due to faulty, damaged, or improperly installed plumbing.
  • Britt’s does its best to make sure the installer shows up on time and completes your install in timely manner. Unfortunately things happen that are out of our control whether it be an ill installer, material not arriving on time, weather issues, another customer’s install taking longer than expecting, etc. Britt’s will not refund any payments or give a discount due to these or other circumstances. Britt’s will reschedule your installation as soon as possible while trying to meet your scheduling needs.
  • All balances are C.O.D. and the balance of an order is due immediately upon completion of installation. Britt’s does not extend credit to customers.
  • Color match to samples will vary from dye lot to dye lot. Buyer agrees to accept color variances that fall within industry-established ranges. Shading, pooling, water marking, shedding, fluffing or pile crushing do not constitute manufacturing defects. These are inherent characteristics of all pile fabrics. Missing tufts in looped carpet is not a defect and can be remedied by reinserting missing tufts by a qualified technician.
  • Hard surface materials will have color variations from one piece to another. Some material will have more variation than others. Please be aware and take this into consideration before placing your order.
  • Temperature and humidity must be maintained within manufacturers' recommendations to avoid excessive expansion and contraction.
  • For all material warranty concerns and questions please obtain written warranty from your salesperson prior to placing your order. It is the customer’s responsibility to meet all requirements regarding any warranty.
  • A 2% variance on material widths is within mill tolerances and is agreed to be acceptable within the industry limits. The amount of materials sold is compatible to measurement of floor covering and the material dimensions. Material overage of approximately 10% is required in
  • order to cut, seam, and trim materials. In some instances the amount of padding or underlayment installed may be less. The seller has taken this variation into full account in establishing pricing. Installation charges are based on the amount of material needed and not on the installed amount.
  • Seams are inevitable on almost all carpet installations. While Britt’s installers are very good at seaming carpet we cannot guarantee that a seam will be completely invisible.
  • Carpet backing can be very rough to the touch and while our installers are careful not to damage walls, baseboards, doors, etc. It is the customer’s responsibility for any touch up painting repairs that may be needed after installation.
  • After installation of trim such as baseboards, quarter round, etc. it is the customer’s responsibility to have them caulked and/or painted.
  • In the event your new flooring is higher than your old flooring and there is not enough clearance for your doors to be reinstalled it is the customer’s responsibility to have the doors trimmed and reinstalled.